SWG® Biocide

SWG® Biocide is an EPA registered product for disinfection of poultry water lines and for the removal of biofilm deposits in water transfer lines.

  • Disinfects Gram-negative organisms
  • Effective, low-cost solution
  • Short in-line time
  • Non-combustible / non-flammable
  • Easy-to-use — no premixing required
  • Low to no odor
  • Low-volume application, injected at 1:128 (1oz/gallon)

Of the 18 percent active ingredient, 80 percent is bromosulfamate and 20 percent is chlorosulfamate.

  • Sulfamate is a stabilizing agent and backbone of the product
  • Hypobromous acid (HOBr) is the active oxidizer that kills the bacteria and removes biofilm

As the stabilized product comes into contact with the biofilm (demand), it releases the active compound HOBr, allowing a very controlled reaction throughout the entire water transfer system.


SWG Biocide can be used to remove and control biofilm deposits and other organic contaminates

  • Used in industrial tanks, pumps and in piping and tubing associated with water transfer lines and systems*
  • Used to disinfect Gram-negative organisms in tanks, pumps and medicators used to deliver the product, piping and tubing associated with water lines in livestock and poultry housing facilities.
  • Used in water lines to deliver drinking water, air chiller water and cooling spray

*Not for use in food processing equipment, human drinking water systems or dental lines.


Selecting a product for its intended purpose is critical, and you need to understand how your products work to get the highest return on investment for the dollar spent.


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