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Food safety is our passion. It’s not a side business or an add-on. It’s the core of our business.

Passport® Food Safety Solutions offers a cooperative, innovative systems approach to help meat and poultry processors develop practical solutions that consistently meet increasingly stringent food safety standards by using multi-hurdle intervention technologies, plant-specific metrics, a novel food safety analytics platform and consultation to optimize pathogen reduction.

Why we do it

Throughout the world, an estimated 600 million cases of foodborne illness occur each year,1 48 million of those cases are estimated to occur in the United States.2

Foodborne illness is caused by consuming foods or beverages contaminated by bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals.

Based on data for both public health costs and the quality-of-life impact, meat and poultry are the largest contributors to foodborne pathogen diseases.

The cost of a product recall caused by an outbreak can be astronomical due to lost product and sales, liability, litigation and damage to an individual brand — and to consumers’ confidence in the safety of their food.

Even though multiple interventions are used pre- and post-harvest to reduce/eliminate pathogens, current solutions have not been 100 percent effective. Controlling pathogen impact is a balance of prevention, intervention and detection.

That’s why ensuring a high level of food safety is a priority for everyone involved with producing and processing meat protein. Innovation is essential to meet new regulatory requirements and consumers’ expectations.

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